The F_T_R



Human wellbeing and consciousness is constantly changing because of technology. However, there remains a clear digital and physical divide. Humans still need to learn how to control electronic devices. 

What if you could control these devices with just your intuition? What if a computer can become a mirror that learns your behaviour, and is able to interpret your true intentions?

An exciting opportunity now exists to create a new control system based on the understanding of human subconscious behaviour. If user behaviour can be translated into a digital input then this would create a bridge between the digital and physical worlds. There would no longer be any need for user learning and adoption as interaction with technology would effectively become invisible, and simply form an extension of your mind.

Trajectory is a unique machine learning system that allows users to interact with electronic devices by observing their behaviour. This touchless interface provides users with a deeper and more immersive control experience.

Trajectory uses face tracking technology to collect 11 different types of facial data. This uses a simple webcam, and does not require the use of high-end equipment. Users can build up their own personal behaviour library with a few simple facial movements to calibrate the system. Once this process has finished, the system will convert user behaviour into a digital input to allow control of an electronic device.