The FTR - Semi'otiks



Transforming input touch into output waveforms - Semi’Otiks explores how to communicate intentions and emotions through the sense of touch. 


Designed for the BFI Screenwriting Fellowship Launch at the Wellcome Trust, Semi’Otiks is a build on previous work, Annexe, for which we were asked to explore the theme of connection.


Consisting of two hands which connect people remotely across a room, Sem’Otiks enabled visitors to communicate non-verbally and non-visually. Based on the touch pattern that a person would make on the input hand, the person on the other side would receive a corresponding waveform.

In order to determine the waveforms, we collaborated with experts in haptics at the SCHI Lab, at University of Sussex. At the event, we gathered feedback from guests - matching waveforms with both intention and emotion. The collaboration and data gathering is ongoing, and Semi’Otiks is currently on loan to the Lab in order for them to carry out further user research. With this research we hope to further develop a haptic language. 


Produced with the help of the Imperial College Advanced Hackspace, and generous funding from the Wellcome Trust. Thank you to our collaborators SCHI Lab and The Feelies.