The FTR - Skinterface



Enabling new forms of sensory stimulation in the virtual world, Skinterface is a haptic suit which allows one to feel the transition into the digital dimension. 

Skinterface is a skinsuit which allows you to go from the physical world into the virtual world. Once there, Skinterface enables two-way physical interactions with computer simulated objects and environments, creating a fully immersive experience. Located and tracked through 3D space, Skinterface is equipped with sophisticated actuators which convey subtle sensations, effectively converting virtual interaction into physical feeling.

Central to the experience of entering any real environment is the physical process of crossing the threshold into that space. For example, a virtual reality headset, though more sophisticated then a television, still fails to breakdown the conceptual barrier between the wearer and the virtual world. They remain an observer.  


If skin is our interface to the physical world, it must also be our interface to the digital world in order for one to feel fully immersed. To go from being an observer to an active participant, a person must be able to feel the world they are entering and feel the transition into it.


The focus in this exhibit is primarily on the physical transition into the virtual world, the feeling of crossing an imaginary threshold into a computer simulated environment. Beyond this transition, the suit would also be capable of facilitating two way interactions with virtual objects or people—be that for entertainment, communication, virtual prototyping or one of the many other potential applications.