The FTR - Annexe



Crossing the threshold from the physical into the virtual world - Annexe is a portal into a new dimension, where one can touch and feel touch remotely.

Annexe was designed for the Victoria & Albert museum's launch of the ‘REVEAL’ festival, an event marking the opening of the Exhibition Road Quarter and Entrance. The F_T_R were tasked with creating an interactive experience for visitors which explored the theme of ‘What happens when the digital and physical collide?’ 

As a response, the F_T_R created ‘Annexe’ – a gateway into a new dimension. 

Exploring the future of remote touch, Annexe records the exact location and pressure of your hand as you move it across a portal representing a new dimension of time and space. Your touch is simultaneously transported, replicated and felt at another mirrored location within the museum.


In collaboration with V&A Friday Late and Boiler Room, the installation’s pixel-rich interface sat in line with the event's live global link-ups between London, New York and Tokyo. This enabled visitors to extend their physical self and experience new physical connections with other visitors remotely and digitally.


Supported by the Imperial College Advanced Hackspace.