The F_T_R is a London-based interaction design studio that works on creating engaging and delightful experiences through contextually considered storytelling.



We are an interdisciplinary team of sensory architects who combine expertise in trend forecasting, product design, engineering and architecture to tackle innovation briefs with an experimental design approach.

By exploring new technologies, product categories and contexts, we work at the intersection of speculation, provocation, and realisation, weaving between physical and digital, fluidly traveling between the past, present and future.

With a focus on human-computer interaction and physical-digital cooperation, we deliver tangible propositions of tomorrow, today.

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The Thinker

“Residing in the future, where vision is the currency”


André is a multi-faceted innovation architect and design strategist from London. Originally a footwear designer, Andre has worked on a variety of innovation platforms as a Trend Forecaster at WGSN and Stylus: Innovation and Advisory. With a talent for Brand DNA, interpretation and consumer engagement his past clients include Nike and Burberry. André is also a visiting Lecturer of Future Theory at London Southbank University, Fashion Retail Academy, and Hongkik University in South Korea. 


The Creator


“Imagining, designing, and creating the future”


Charlotte is a versatile design engineer from Paris/New York. Originally an architect, Charlotte has spent extensive time designing, prototyping, testing and implementing products, and services aimed at improving people's lives for clients like The World Bank, Jaguar Land Rover, Delta Airlines, or USAID. She also works as ‘Treasure Hunter’ for the RCA-IIS Tokyo Design Lab where her role involves identifying new technologies that could be turned into deployable innovations.



The Designer


“Challenging human capability and connecting the dots through design.”


Catherine is a multi-disciplinary innovation product designer and engineer from Hong Kong. She has designed consumer electronic products for over 20 international clients such as Logitech and Philips. Catherine has worked closely with different research institutions such as Microsoft Research and university of Tokyo, help them to answer tomorrow’s critical questions by integrating science, technology and creativity.


The Technologist


“Driven by a rich imagination and fueled by technology”


George is an inventor, artist, technologist and engineer from Leeds. With a background in Engineering Science, he worked as a technology and strategy consultant for several years before branching into design. George’s toolbox ranges from the physical to the digital. From hardware to software, lathes to algorithms, design to engineering. George is the CEO of Vochlea Music. 





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